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Furnace Facts

Your Furnace Works Harder Than You Might Think!

Based on the average winter degree-days in our area, the average furnace is firing approximately 2,700 hours each year.

The average car is driven 15,000 miles in that same year, which averages 540 hours of use.

Based on these estimates, your furnace accumulates an average of 75, 000 “furnace miles” each year.

Over time this reveals some startling information about just how much work we have come to expect from our furnaces.

By comparing furnace run times to car miles:

2,700 hrs/1 year 75,000 miles

18,900 hrs/7 years 525,420 miles

27,000 hrs/10 years 750,600 miles

40,500 hrs/15 years 1,125,900 miles

We average 1.2 to 1.3 million miles on our furnace over its expected life span. When is the last time you were able to get 1.3 million miles and 15 years of use from your car?

Why do we expect equipment that costs less than 1/10th of our car to deliver over ten times the use? This is what we have come to expect from our heating equipment, often without any regular maintenance or service. Tangora Technologies recommends annual preventative maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Most manufacturers may not warranty equipment if maintenance and cleaning has not been regularly performed. Regular and routine maintenance and cleaning by a licensed and trained professional extends the lifetime and improves the efficiency of your equipment.


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