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HAI by Leviton Home Management Systems

HAI by Leviton Home Management Systems incorporates an enhanced security system with improved safety and convenience features utilizing the following detectors to not only sense a condition but to operate or activate an device:

  • Smoke/Fire Detectors (Can automatically shut down air handlers to eliminate airflow in the building)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors (Can shut down combustible devices like furnaces, boilers, fireplaces)
  • Water Detectors (Can shut off main water supply to building eliminating further water damages)
  • Natural, Propane and Methane Gas Detectors (Can shut down combustible devices like furnaces, boilers, fireplaces)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Beam Detectors (Can activate cameras to record suspicious activities after hours)
  • Interior and Exterior Motion Detectors (Can activate lighting, HVAC or cameras to record activity)
  • Wireless or Hardwired Detectors (Ultimate flexibility for new or existing buildings)
  • Glass Break Detectors (Covers areas that may be more vulnerable to forced entry)
  • Driveway Vehicle Sensors (Can activate path lighting or announce potential visitors)
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors (Will protect building from low or high temperature situations/ sensitive locations like wine cellars)
  • Liquid Detectors (protect not only for property but life-safety like backyard pools or jacuzzi)

With any HAI by Leviton Home Management system installed by Tangora Technologies Inc, you have the power to control your home or business with the easy to use app available for any Apple or Android device. This means that when in Texas you can pick up your phone and set the home in Albany for arrival hours before you actual enter the threshold. That's right, control your property from any where in the world with a simple to use phone app. Call us now at for more exciting details and learn how you can have that type of control in the palm of your hands.


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