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HAI by Leviton Home Management

With an HAI by Leviton Home Management System in place homeowners and businesses alike are able to control lighting, security, temperature, utility management and entertainment systems along with many safety features and options available. There are multiple interface options to control your home or business from either inside or outside the home, which allows you to check and adjust lights, temperature, security, audio, and more.

HAI offers colorful Touchscreens that facilitate graphical control of your HAI system via easy-to-recognize icons. Some models are customizable, which gives you complete control of the look, feel, and function of the Touchscreen. A custom user interface can be developed based on the homeowner's lifestyle and interests.

Check on and change the status of your home or business over the telephone from either inside or outside your house. Additionally, HAI offers apps for smartphones and tablets.With the availability of internet you can connect simply by using the Snap Link App for Android or Apple Products.

The system can be controlled from virtually anywhere in the world from your fingertips.

TTI provides lighting control solutions as stand-alone systems, or integrated with HAI by Leviton Home Management Systems. Whether it’s one switch or all switches in your home or business, lighting control from either Lutron or PCS offers the opportunity to install switches and controls in existing homes or business, renovations, or new construction without the need to rewire or add any additional control wiring. These product lines offer the best in control, aesthetics, reliability and scalability.


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