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Features of the HAI by Leviton Home Management System

The HAI by Leviton system can be accessed from any touch tone phone, smart phone, or iPad or Android HAI by Leviton APP from anywhere in the world. You can control all of the system features with the touch from your fingertips. The app has the same look and feel as if you are using the system from inside the home.

Here are a few examples of what the system can do:

•    Automatically contact the fire and/ or police when the security system is breached
•    Automatically sequence lighting to look as if you are home when you are away traveling the world
•    Automatically illuminate paths to safety when the security or fire system is triggered
•    Operate different mood lighting scenes i.e. romance, party, entertainment, babysitter modes
•    Forgot to turn on the air conditioning when you left home? Contact the system and turn it on so you can come home to a cool home
•    Have truly automatic set back of the heat to save on utility bills. Thermostats work with either alarm status, events, zone triggers or occupancy
•    The system can simplify your life by closing the garage door automatically at night if left open
•    Every Friday at 5:00 am during the summer season have your sprinkler system turn on for 45 minutes
•    When the phone rings your audio system will mute so you can hear the phone ringing
•    Have subliminal audible verbal reminders to take out the trash on Tuesday night or that it is bed time at 8PM for the kids


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