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Is Your Home Ready for the Future?

Structured Wiring – What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

Michael Tangora, President, HTI+, Tangora Technologies, Inc. Lisa DeGroff, Executive Assistant, Tangora Technologies, Inc.

New homes are being built at an astonishing rate these days and structured wiring should be standard in all homes. Many perceived luxuries of the past are regular features today, including electricity, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, and dishwashers. New homebuyers don’t want their primary investment to be technologically obsolete from day one and should select a certified home technology integrator to install a structured wiring system.

It all Starts with Wire

Integrated Homes — Wireless, Wired, or Both?

Michael Tangora, President, HTI+, Tangora Technologies, Inc.

Homes today have wireless phones, wireless light switches, wireless printers, wireless computers, wireless security cameras, and even wireless TVs. Wireless is in and wires are passé. Does this mean that homes with integrated phone, computer, and video systems will go totally wireless? No. The reason is that information and communications technology in the home always starts with a wire. It may not be sexy, but it is necessary. Understanding where wireless works and where wired applies will make a significant difference in how well we enjoy and make the most use of our single largest investment — our homes.


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Is Your Home Ready for the Future? read more

It all Starts with Wire read more