Water Heaters

Water Heater Service

Our service never sleeps providing 24-hour availability. Emergencies happen. Tangora Technologies, Inc. services all models and can resolve your water heater issues generally in the same day. Our expert technicians perform annual preventative maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently to avoid the unexpected water disaster.

All water heater manufacturers suggest that you not only flush your water heater yearly to prevent rusty deposits but to have it professionally serviced to prevent dangerous situations and help eliminate cold showers. Tangora Technologies Inc. provides service on all brands of water heaters. We offer full Preventative Maintanance Agreements (PMA's) for any type and style water heater. Ask our technician while on-site to provide a full tuneup of your water heater to eliminate unneccessary cold showers. Most water heaters have some type of combustion cycle which means parts do wear down and eventually create a "no hot water" situation. By addressing the water heater head on with annual preventative maintenance, you not only ensure hot water production but help prolong the water heater lifetime. On average, water heaters that have annual preventative maintenance outlast neglected water heaters by almost twice the life expectancy.

Don't wait until its too late and you have a water emergency. Call now to schedule your PMA or email Heather for more information at heather@tangoratechnologies.com.

Water Heaters Installation

Is your hot water heater leaking? Looking for a more efficient hot water heater and to save on your utility bills? Is your hot water heater older than 10 years? 

Tangora Technologies, Inc. is the dependable choice for your water heater installation or replacement because we provide expert consulting to choose the right system selection that will fit your hot water needs and offer energy efficient products.

OnDemand or Instantaneous Water Heaters

The clean, modern and space-saving design of Navien or Rinnai Tankless Water Heater means they can be mounted on virtually any wall inside your home—not just in the utility room.  Extremely energy efficient. Only heats the water you use. It is not necessary to heat 40 gallons of water all day long when we can install a Rinnai Instantaneous water heater for you.

Bradford White Direct Vent Water Heaters

Bradford White TTW1 ® models are power vented for positive exhaust. They offer greater installation flexibility with the ability to vent through a wall or roof, with either 2" or 3" PVC, ABS or CPVC pipe

Bradford White Standard Water Heaters

These water heaters utilize a draft diverter and are atmospherically vented with capacities ranging from 29 to 60 gallons and inputs ranging from 30,000-50,000 BTU/Hr. These models are perfect for many standard water heating applications.

Amtrol Indirect Water Heaters

Amtrol invented the indirect-fired water heater over 30 years ago, redefining the best solution for fast, efficient and reliable hot water. True to their heritage, BoilerMate Hot Water Makers® offer great value and dependable performance with options to fit any installation and budget.The Indirect Fired Water Heater is heated by the hot water from your boiler. As your home is being heated, your domestic hot water is being heated at the same time, thereby, consuming less fuel and conserving energy. Combine this with a recovery rate that is up to three times faster than conventional gas or electric water heaters, and Indirect Fired Water Heater heats more hot water with less fuel for the energy conscious consumer.

Call today to prevent a hot water heater emergency and to save money with your utilities bill. 478-9513 or heather@tangoratechnologies.com