Home Automation Systems

Tangora Technologies, Inc. will provide you the system that is customizable to your needs. Automation works with you and your lifestyle. Your system can be programmed to raise or lower the temperature, create lighting scenes, activate security for peace of mind, control sound, and any other auxiliary devices locally or remotely from anywhere in the world. 

For 23 years Tangora Technologies, Inc. has been in the "Home Automation" industry. From as early on as X-10 lighting control modules to todays ZWave revolution, we have been involved in the design, installation and on-going expert service customers from NY to Florida expect. Keeping up with todays technology can be difficult that is why we have focused on keeping the pulse on it for you. We provide systems and solutions as simple as voice activated devices that work with Alexa or Google Home to full blown home automation/ management systems that can control your entire home or business.  (What is Home Automation)  

System today offer control over a wide variety of sub-systems typically found on your property such as:

  • Security
  • Lighting Control
  • Remote Access via internet, phone and tablet apps
  • Climate Control (Temperature, Humidity, De-humidification and Indoor Air Quality)
  • Auxiliary Device Control (Pool Pumps, Speaker Systems, Driveway Detection, Fountains-Pumps, Door Locks, Gate Control)
  • Entertainment Control (Audio Video, Cameras, Intercom, Doorbell Interface, Custom Chimes)
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Peace of mind is priceless. At Tangora Technologies, Inc. we can help you keep an eye on your home or business while you are away. Let TTI design the type of security and/or surveillance system that will work best for your home or business. From pre-wiring to detector installation, we offer systems for every budget. Bringing you the latest in security and surveillence technology, while also providing complete system upgrades for existing security systems. 

Keeping your property safe is important. Tangora Technologies Inc offers central monitoring services for immediate response to any alarm.  You can rest assured that emergency services are on the way. Dont forget, most insurance carriers offer rebates or reductions in homeowners or business insurance policies that have central monitored alarm systems.   

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Structured Wiring provides homeowners and business with their ramp to the information super highway. TTI provides built in wiring for security, home automation, home management, entertainment, information, computer networking and telecommunication systems. Tangora Technologies, Inc. addresses all low voltage needs on a per room or office basis. By providing all of the wiring and termination TTI ensures quality products, expert installation and on going support for all of your phone, data, network, audio-video, security, camera and home automation and building management system needs.

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By Definition: Energy management includes planning and operation of energy-related production and consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need.

TTI provides multiple energy management solutions from stand alone devices to whole house or building management systems including HAI by Leviton. By controlling specific electrical devices, TTI with Leviton Products is capable of saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually. With the use of the state of the art control system, you have the power to control any device on the property with the use of any smartphone, computer, local keypad, tablet or touchscreen device. Easy to use and great way to start saving today! The OmniPro II system can manage your HVAC system through Omnistat2 Programmable Communicating Thermostats (PCTs). Use schedule or activity settings such as home, asleep, vacation, away, room occupancy, outdoor temperature, etc. 

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Tangora Technologies Inc. offers multiple camera options from a single stand alone doorbell camera to multiple hardwired cameras with a recording device. With the internet so readily available in homes and business', let TTI show you how you can literally "keep an eye on things" whether you are present or far away. From home security to business productivity, camera and surveillance systems can let you breath easier knowing that your home or business is only a few clicks away with the easy to use Apps available for Android or iOS devices. 

With todays options let Tangora Technologies Inc. guide you to the best solution that fits your needs. Call today for a free onsite evaluation. Contact our team at info@tangoratechologies.com

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Tangora Technologies Inc. provides home and business computer networking for small to medium size infrastructures. With almost every device in the home or business requiring an internet connection, we understand the need for reliability and security. In today’s society the threat of virus’s and security breaches are paramount to the safe keeping of your information and document storage. TTI understands that having your network “locked down” is just as important as keeping your money in the bank.

Backup Your Data Today

              All hard drives fail. With the ability to push information to cloud type services, this not only saves your information safely but provides a means to access remotely when not in the home or office. Tangora Technologies Inc provides Carbonite Backup for all types of computers, stand alone harddrives or servers. To install on any computer follow this link. Carbonite Backup Select the plan that best fits your needs. Its that easy. 

Carbonite Safe® provides automatic and continuous cloud backup for computer files. Each subscription includes unlimited cloud storage and allows you to:
  • Protect your files from accidental deletions, crashes, ransomware, viruses and other common threats.
  • Easily recover lost files and folders.
  • Access your data even when you’re not at your computer.
  • Count on our award-winning customer support, available 7 days/week via phone, chat or email.

               Tangora Technologies Inc. provides complete design, installation and on-going service for all of your computer networking. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or email heather@tangoratechnologies.com.

With computer networking like every other thing in our life, there is a little education that one must have. The following categories provide the breakdown of devices, terminology and overall equipment required for most computer networks. TTI provides everything from the equipment, wiring, wall plates and termination for your network.

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