Home Automation Systems

Home Automation

For 23 years Tangora Technologies, Inc. has been in the "Home Automation" industry. From as early on as X-10 lighting control modules to todays ZWave revolution, we have been involved in the design, installation and on-going expert service customers from NY to Florida expect. Keeping up with todays technology can be difficult that is why we have focused on keeping the pulse on it for you. We provide systems and solutions as simple as voice activated devices that work with Alexa or Google Home to full blown home automation/ management systems that can control your entire home or business.  (What is Home Automation)  

System today offer control over a wide variety of sub-systems typically found on your property such as:

  • Security
  • Lighting Control
  • Remote Access via internet, phone and tablet apps
  • Climate Control (Temperature, Humidity, De-humidification and Indoor Air Quality)
  • Auxiliary Device Control (Pool Pumps, Speaker Systems, Driveway Detection, Fountains-Pumps, Door Locks, Gate Control)
  • Entertainment Control (Audio Video, Cameras, Intercom, Doorbell Interface, Custom Chimes)

Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring provides homeowners and business with their ramp to the information super highway. TTI provides built in wiring for security, home automation, home management, entertainment, information, computer networking and telecommunication systems. Tangora Technologies, Inc. addresses all low voltage needs on a per room or office basis. By providing all of the wiring and termination TTI ensures quality products, expert installation and on going support for all of your phone, data, network, audio-video, security, camera and home automation and building management system needs.