Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Tangora Technologies Inc. provides design, installation and service for several different lighting control systems. Systems vary dependent upon the number and type of switches, loads and transmitters necessary for the project. With the wide variety of lighting types, motors and pumps in today's homes or business's, the right selection of manufacturer and devices can make all the difference. Let Tangora Technologies Inc help you design or retrofit a lighting control system for you. Contact Michael Tangora at the office or email

Powerline Control Systems is the most commonly used lighting control technology installed by TTI. We utilize this manufacturer quite often because of:

  • Easy Installation
  • Ultra-Reliable
  • Flexible & Scalable

PulseWorx is the most reliable lighting control system that utilizes only existing wiring, developed for use in residential and light commercial applications, and is ideal for both retrofit and new construction.

Our award-winning, patented UPB technology streamlines the installation process and keeps your costs in control, making it the best choice! But the benefits don't stop there - this flexible and scalable system is backed by an industry leading Money Back Guarantee.


Lutron is the alternative lighting control system used by Tangora Technologies Inc. Lutron is the industry leader in lighting control systems for retrofit and new construction. This energy-saving system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using light controls and automated shades) as well as temperature in a single room or throughout your whole home. The system can also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use.

Direct Security Integration

Lutron or PCS lighting products can add lifestyle benefits and an enhanced security experience to your upscale security project.