Home Entertainment Systems

Let Tangora Technologies, Inc. show you what home entertainment can be in the comfort of your home or office. With over 22 years in the business, and a passion for home entertainment and technology, we can provide you all the latest entertainment equipment. We will structure the system to fit your lifestyle and budget. We do it all, from home theater design and installation, to electronics selection, multi-room audio and video systems, and surround sound inside and outside. We make the system easy to use with your smart phone, remote or tablet.

Let Tangora Technologies, Inc. turn your home or business into the experience you have always dreamed of.

Tangora Technologies, Inc, will customize any size space in your new or existing home or property while selecting exactly the right components to achieve your personal home theater experience. Home Theater brings music, movies and video games to life with an immersive sound experience that you can not only see and hear, but truely feel. 

Outdated equipment? We overhaul! 

We know what is trending and would be happy to review your existing system(s) or equipment to bring you up to date. Look at Tangora Technologies Inc as your "digital gardeners". Often times exisitng distributed sound systems jsut need a little updating with sources like ROKU, AppleTV and the likes to really up your game. With streaming AV at your fingertips, let us show you how to be entertained. 

By Definition: Distributed audio systems are audio systems that allow for playback, and often control of music throughout an entire home or building.  Tangora Technologies has decades of experience with distributed audio and has won several national electronic installation awards. We specialize in design, installation and service for distributed audio systems with systems that allow you to build one room at a time or multiple rooms at a time. Utlilizing companies like SONOSNUVOURC and SONANCE

  • Distributed audio zones (areas) from one centrally located equipment rack or “head-end.”
  • Speakers located throughout home, property or business, wet or dry environments
  • Multi-room audio minimizes the “blare factor”, eliminates duplicating equipment and media purchase.
  • Typically Audio Grade Cabling is installed from source equipment location to either volume-control pad location or directly to speaker pair(s).
  • Less costly if installed during new construction process (should be installed after HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Rough-In).
  • Can be retrofited into most existing structures.
  • Should be installed by trained audio / video professionals.
  • Ideal for entertaining, relaxation and quality family time.
  • Have a "pile" of remotes on the coffee table to turn your TV on with? 
  • Are you tired of picking up Four different remotes to turn on your Home Theater?  
  • Have you ever wished for a remote that controls everything in your home? 
  • Want to hear your favorite music anywhere in the house, watch your favorite programs, dim lights to match the mood, and see who is at your front doorstep—all from the comfort of your couch?
  • Looking for a magical, seamless solution that connects you with your home or business in a whole new way. Finally your dreams have come true. Tangora Technologies Inc can bring individual room control or whole house control to life, personalizing for real people and real homes—every day.

With the changing and diverse technology in entertainment systems and remote controls, Tangora Technologies, Inc. has been working with and upgrading systems and remotes for decades. Our experts can assess and assist you in selecting the right control system for your home or office. Let us make your systems run smoothly with the touch of a button. Consolidate with a Universal Remote Control and controlling your system will be easy with your smart phone, tablet or remote.

With homes today, technology has never been more complicating to control. A new device, another remote on the coffee table. Pile up all of those remotes and you do need a real "junk drawer" to keep them all in. And unless you are in the same room, typically the device needs to be in "line of sight" to operate it. Well those days are quickly moving behind us. Introducing Total Control from URC

With Total Control, bringing all of these systems together has never been better. Instead of relying on RF to connect all of these devices, we utilize your home network. This allows devices to connect more reliably every time creating more time for fun and less time with aggravation. Let the experts at Tangora Technologies Inc provide you with a control system that integrates all of your AV equipment in the house while allowing you to share and control those devices from different rooms of the house. To view a complete Total Control Brochure click here. Just email or call us today to schedule an appointment and let us show you how we can help you control anything and everything in your home with Total Control.

We know outdoor sound. To create the outdoor listening environment successfully there are many elements to take into consideration. At Tangora Technologies, Inc., we help guide you through the process advising the optimal location for most exceptional sound experience. With over 22 years of service and dedication to technology, let our experts recommend the best components to fit your budget so you can enjoy your pool, deck, patio, porch and fire pit areas now and into the future.