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Multi-Room Audio Pool Surround Sound

By Definition: Distributed audio systems are audio systems that allow for playback, and often control of music throughout an entire home or building.  Tangora Technologies has decades of experience with distributed audio and has won several national electronic installation awards. We specialize in design, installation and service for distributed audio systems with systems that allow you to build one room at a time or multiple rooms at a time. Utlilizing companies like SONOSNUVOURC and SONANCE

  • Distributed audio zones (areas) from one centrally located equipment rack or “head-end.”
  • Speakers located throughout home, property or business, wet or dry environments
  • Multi-room audio minimizes the “blare factor”, eliminates duplicating equipment and media purchase.
  • Typically Audio Grade Cabling is installed from source equipment location to either volume-control pad location or directly to speaker pair(s).
  • Less costly if installed during new construction process (should be installed after HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Rough-In).
  • Can be retrofited into most existing structures.
  • Should be installed by trained audio / video professionals.
  • Ideal for entertaining, relaxation and quality family time.