Remote Controls

System Controls and Remote Controls

With the changing and diverse technology in entertainment systems and remote controls, Tangora Technologies, Inc. has been working with and upgrading systems and remotes for decades. Our experts can assess and assist you in selecting the right control system for your home or office. Let us make your systems run smoothly with the touch of a button. Consolidate with a Universal Remote Control and controlling your system will be easy with your smart phone, tablet or remote.

With homes today, technology has never been more complicating to control. A new device, another remote on the coffee table. Pile up all of those remotes and you do need a real "junk drawer" to keep them all in. And unless you are in the same room, typically the device needs to be in "line of sight" to operate it. Well those days are quickly moving behind us. Introducing Total Control from URC

With Total Control, bringing all of these systems together has never been better. Instead of relying on RF to connect all of these devices, we utilize your home network. This allows devices to connect more reliably every time creating more time for fun and less time with aggravation. Let the experts at Tangora Technologies Inc provide you with a control system that integrates all of your AV equipment in the house while allowing you to share and control those devices from different rooms of the house. To view a complete Total Control Brochure click here. Just email or call us today to schedule an appointment and let us show you how we can help you control anything and everything in your home with Total Control.